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Quality Policy Statement

Version 1.0 Quality Policy Statement

Medlifestyle LTD T/A has developed and implemented a Quality Management System which is based on the requirements and fundamentals of ISO 9001:2015.

It is the policy of Medlifestyle Limited to give complete customer satisfaction by supplying high quality products and services which are fit for purpose and conform to all aspects of their specification.

The Company aims to apply continuous improvement by monitoring all aspects of its activities to ensure the customer's requirements are exceeded by:

  • Identifying and eliminating all forms of waste that do not bring value to the customer or business
  • Creating competitive advantage for the whole business
  • Continually adding value to the processes and all aspects of the business.
  • Providing high quality products and service to fully satisfy customer requirements
  • Delivering correct, defect free products to our customers on time

To achieve these aims, the Company has identified SMART objectives which include:

  • Reduce amount of process generated non-conforming product
  • Increase Customer satisfaction by reducing cause for complaint
  • Improve Supplier performance by minimising rate of rejection and rectification
  • Improve business processes using effective internal and external auditing
  • Minimise accidents and absences by competent housekeeping

The Company uses training and communication to ensure that all employees understand the quality policy, its principles and advantages and how in its implementation, we work towards a "Right First Time" methodology.

Perfection is a moving target and remains our goal!Quality performance is everyone's responsibility and each employee shall strive to enhance customer satisfaction to achieve Medlifestyle management system objectives, both internally and externally, by their actions, attitude and commitment.

Therefore the Management Team are committed to applying the necessary training in specific skills, which is undertaken by examination, testing and certification with clear communication given, necessary to ensure conformance to specification.

Regular meetings regarding review, targets and improvements will be held, and at this time the quality objectives will be updated.

As a Management Team we are fully committed to ensuring the implementation and continuous improvement of this Quality Management System.

The Quality Management Team

Caron Clare

Robert Stanford