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Maintenance Centre

Petrol Golf Buggy Troubleshooting

Petrol Vehicle Performance

Condition Possible Cause Correction
STARTER DOES NOT TURN Weak or bad battery. Recharge or replace.
Terminals are loose or corroded. Clean and re-tighten.
Poor wiring connections. Repair or replace wire and/or connections.
Faulty ignition switch. Repair or replace ignition switch and/or connections.
Blown fuse. Investigate cause and replace fuse.
Solenoid faulty. If no audible click is heard, check power and earth. Replace solenoid if power and ground are good.
Accelerator micro switch. Check and adjust if no click is heard. Replace if adjustment does not work.
Starter/generator terminals are loose or corroded. Tighten or clean.
Leads are broken or faulty earth/ground. Check for breaks at bend or joint. Replace or replair leads.
Field coils are open. Repair or replace.
Armature coil is open. Repair or replace.
STARTER TURNS SLOWLY Terminals are loose or corroded. Retighten or clean.
Weak Battery. Charge or replace battery.
Leads are nearly broken or connections are faulty. Check for any defects. Repair or replace.
Mechanical problem inside starter/generator. Check.
Internal engine damage. Inspect and repair.
Crankcase overfilled with oil. Drain and re-fill to correct level with recommended oil.
Corroded or loose battery connections. Clean and retighten.
Check for adequate fuel. Fill with correct unleaded fuel.
No spark at plugs. Broken or disconnected spark plug wiring. Check and replace as required.
Spark plugs fouled. Clean or replace.
Broken or disconnected coil wires. Clean or replace.
Faulty ignitor. Clean or replace.
Faulty HT lead. Clean or replace.
Incorrect spark plug gap/type. Set gap correctly.
ENGINE RUNS ROUGH OR LOSS OF POWER Fuel pump faulty. Repair, clean or replace.
Fuel line clogged or clamp loose. Clean or replace, if required.
Cracked or broken fuel line. Replace with new hose.
Main jet blocked. Clean jet.
Throttle lever motion restricted. Check all linkages.
Dirt or water in fuel line or carburettor. Clean lines and carburettor. Replace filter.
Clogged fuel filter. Check and replace as required.
Incorrect carburettor float settings. Adjust float level- check seats.
Engine flooded. Push choke in. Clean or replace spark plugs.
Engine fuel starved. Push choke in. CLean or replace spark plugs.
Air intake tube is blocked. Repair or clean.
Clogged air filter. Wash or replace as required.
Plugged muffler or pipe. Repair or replace.
Low compression in engine. Check and repair.
Dirty or clogged air filter element. Wash or replace as required.
Incorrect choke adjustment. Adjust choke.
Loose muffler or leaking gasket. Repair.
Carburettor throttle lever motion restricted. Repair.
Carburettor throttle lever not closing fully. Adjust.
Throttle stop preventing throttle from closing. Adjust.
Carburettor throttle valve spring weak or broken. Replace.
Incorrect adjustment of accelerator, governor and carburettor linkages. Adjust.
Carburettor throttle lever shaft bent. Replace or rebuild carburettor.
Governor torsion spring weak or broken. Replace.
Faulty plug wires. Replace.
Faulty ignitor. Replace.
Faulty coil. Replace.
ERRATIC, SURGING OR SUDDEN CHANGE IN GOVERNED SPEED Governor bracket spring dragging. Clean and/or oil.
Problem with adjustment of accelerator, governor and carburettor linkage. Adjust.
Bent governor arm. Repair or replace.
Bent governor shaft. Replace.
Governor failure within rear axle. Repair.


Condition Possible Cause Correction
STARTER IS NOISY Bolts are loose. Retighten.
Starter/generator has foreign matter inside. Clean starter/generator interior.
Bearings are faulty. Replace.
Bearings contain foreign matter. Replace.
Bearing needs grease. Replace.
RECTIFICATION IS IMPERFECT Load exceeds specification. Adjust load to specification.
Armature bent. Repair or replace as necessary.
Brushes are worn past limits. Replace.
Commutator is excessively rough. Smooth with emery cloth.
Incorrect voltage output. Check and replace any components if required.
Commutator is dirty with oil or dust. Clean with a cleaner and a dry cloth.
Field coil is shorted or broken. Repair or replace.
GENERATOR DOES NOT CHARGE Corroded or loose battery connections. Clean and tighten battery connections.
Incorrect voltage regulator output. Replace.
Poor voltage regulator ground connection. Repair.
Open or short circuit. Repair or replace.
Faulty starter/generator. Repair or replace.

Suspension and Steering

Condition Possible Cause Correction
UNEVEN TYRE WEAR Incorrect tyre pressure. Inflate or deflate to recommended pressure.
Improper alignment (Incorrect toe-in). Align front tyres.
STIFF STEERING Water has entered steering box and may freeze in cold conditions. Remove steering column, pinion and bearing then remove water before adding grease; inspect gasket for a good seal.
Excessive grease in steering box has migrated into steering rack bellows. Raise the vehicle and observe the rack bellows while moving the steering from lock to lock. Any distortion of the bellows may indicate that an excess of grease has built up in the bellows. Remove the bellows and remove excess grease.
Insufficient lubricant in kingpins, rod ends, idies bushing or steering box. Add one pump of lubricant to each grease fitting and operatre steering from lock to lock. DO NOT OVER GREASE. If steering does not return to acceptable condition proceed to next step.
Bent rack. Remove rack and place on flat surface with rack teeth up. If a .015”(.382mm) feeler gauge will pass under the rack, the rack must be replaced.
Steering wheel loose. Inspect splines - replace steering wheel, if required. Tighten steering wheel nut.
Steering components worn. Replace.
PLAY IN STEERING Loose wheel bearings. Adjust or replace.
Dirty or incorrectly gapped plug. Clean and reset gap.
Faulty ignitor. Check and/or replace.
Leak in carburettor gasket. Inspect and replace as required.
Faulty ignition wiring. Repair or replace.
Faulty coil. Test and replace, if required.
Incorrect valve lash. Check and adjust if required.
Weak or damaged valve springs. Replace.
Damaged intake/exhaust valves. Replace.
Plugged fuel tank vent. Clean or replace vent cap.
Poor quality fuel. Drain and replace with correct fuel.
POOR LOW SPEED PERFORMANCE Plugged fuel tank vent. Clean or repair.
Choke on. Push choke in.
Carburettor float level incorrect. Adjust.
Pilot screw. Clean or adjust.
Fuel pump faulty. Repair or replace.
Insufficient fuel. Add fuel.
Air leak in carburettor gasket. Repair compontent.
Spark plug fouled. Clean or replace.
Weak spark. Check ignition coil.
Incorrect valve lash. Check and adjust.
POOR MIDRANGE OR HIGH SPEED PERFORMANCE. Spark plug fouled. Clean or replace.
Weak spark. Check ignition coil.
Faulty ignitor. Check and adjust.
Carburettor float not level. Adjust.
Incorrect or plugged main yet. Check size for appropriate altitude. Clean.
Dirty air filter. Clean or replace.
Brake dragging. Perform brake maintenance.
Low compression. Check engine.
Governor misadjusted. Adjust.
ENGINE OVERHEATING Foreign matter in cylinder fins and blower housing. Clean.
Damaged blower housing or fins. Replace.
Damaged or plugged muffler. Repair or replace.
Inadequate oil supply. Check oil system, inspect oil pump, change oil, fill to correct level.
REPEAT SPARK PLUG FOULING Wrong spark plug type. Replace with correct type.
Wrong spark plug gap. Check and adjust if required.
Faulty coil. Check and replace if required.
Faulty ignitor. Check and replace if required.
Poor quality petrol. Use correct fuel, check storage tank on site for proper storage and handling.
Air leak allowing dirt to enter system. Repair.
Choke sticking closed. Repair.
Wrong main jet for conditions (high altitude). Replace with correct jet.
CARBURETTOR FLOODS ENGINE Inlet/valve seat dirty. Clean or replace.
Fuel contamination. Clean fuel system/carburettor.
Incorrect float level. Adjust.
Vent hose pinched or clogged. Clean or replace.
Clogged air filter element. Clean or replace.
EXCESSIVE SMOKING Wrong oil weight. Replace with recommended oil.
Dirty oil. Change.
Crankcase overfilled with oil. Drain and fill to recommended level.
Clogged PCV valve. Replace.
Piston rings worn or broken. Valves worn.
Valve seals or valve guides worn. Replace.
BACKFIRING Accelerator limit switch out of adjustment. Readjust.
Steering components worn. Replace.
Damaged wheel bearings. Replace.
VIBRATION Out of round tyres, wheels or brake drums. Inspect and replace if out of round.
Loose lug nuts. Tighten to 50-85ft lbs (68-115Nm).
Incorrect tyre pressure. Inflate to recommended pressure.
Dragging wheel brake. Service brake system.
STEERING PULLS TO ONE SIDE Suspension component failture. Service brake system.
Improper alignment. Align.