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Maintenance Centre

Electric Golf Buggy Troubleshooting

Electrical System

Condition Possible Cause Correction
VEHICLE WILL NOT MOVE Key 'OFF' or no direction selected. Turn key 'ON' and select direction.
Batteries discharged. Charge batteries.
Batteries unable to be charged. Load test and replace batteries that cannot be charged.
Corroded or loose battery connections. Clean and tighten battery connections. Apply a coat of commercial terminal protectant to all terminals.
Solenoid has failed. Replace solenoid.
Key switch has failed. Replace key switch.
Micro switch at direction selector has failed Replace micro switch.
Connector loose or separated. Install connector correctly.
Faulty motor. Repair or replace motor.
Faulty ESC system. Test and replace components as indicated by test procedure.
Ignition interlock switch has failed. Replace reed switch (portable) and replace relay (on-board charger).
VEHICLE SPEED ERRATIC Faulty ESC system. Test and replace components indicated by test procedure.
NO REDUCED SPEED IN REVERSE Faulty ESC system. Test and replace components indicated by test procedure.
MOTOR NOISY Damaged Bearing. Replace Bearing.
Raised commutator bar(s). Replace motor.
Loose motor mounting hardware. Tighten.
BATTERIES WILL NOT CHARGE Charger not functioning correctly. Repair or replace charger.
Vehicle charging wiring faulty. Repair or replace wiring.
Vehicle or Charger connector damaged. Replace connector.
Battery case damaged. Replace battery.
Low electrolyte level. Maintain correct electrolyte level.
Battery capacity deficient. Hydrometer/load text. Replace battery if required.
Damaged battery. Replace Battery.

Steering and Suspension

Condition Possible Cause Correction
UNEVEN TYRE WEAR Incorrect tyre pressure. Inflate to recommended pressure.
Improper alignment (Incorrect toe-in). Align front tyres.
STIFF STEERING Water has entered steering box and may freeze in cold conditions. Removing steering column, pinion and bearing then remove water before adding grease. Inspect gasket for good seal.
Excessive grease in steering box has migrated into steering rack bellows or rack cover. Raise the vehicle and observe the rack bellows while moving the steering from lock to lock. Any distortion of the bellows may indicate that an excess of grease has built up in the bellows.
Removing the bellows and remove excess grease.
Insufficient lubricant in kingpins rod eneds, idies bushing or steering box. Add one pump of lubricant to each grease fitting and operatre steering from lock to lock. DO NOT OVER GREASE. If steering does not return to acceptable condition proceed to next step.
Bent rack. Remove rack and place on flat surface with rack teeth up. If a 0.15"(.382mm) feeler gauge will pass under the rack, the rack must be replaced.
PLAY IN STEERING Steering wheel loose. inspect splines - replace steering wheel, if required.
Tighten steering wheel nut.
Steering components worn. Replace.
Loose wheel bearings. Adjust or replace.
VIBRATION Steering components worn. Replace steering components.
Damaged wheel bearings. Replace wheel bearings.
Out of round tyres, wheels or brake drums. Inspect and replace if out of round.
Loose lug nuts. Tighten to 50-85ft lbs (68-115Nm).
STEERING PULLS TO ONE SIDE Incorrect tyre pressure. Inflate to recommend pressure.
Dragging wheel brake. Service brake system.
Suspension component failure. Repair.
Improper alignment. Realign.