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Maintenance Centre

Electric Golf Buggy Long-Term Storage

Battery charger, controller and other electronic devices need to be disconnected since they will contribute to the premature discharge of batteries.

During periods of storage, the batteries will need attention to keep them maintained and prevent discharge.

In high temperatures the chemical reaction is faster, while low temperatures cause the chemical reaction to slow down. A vehicle that is stored at 90° F (32° C) will lose .002 of specific gravity each day. If a fully charged battery has a specific gravity of 1.275, and the battery is allowed to sit unused, it will become partially discharged.

When it reaches 1.240, which it will do in less than twenty days, it should be recharged. If a battery is left in a discharged state, sulphating takes place on and within the plates. This condition is not reversible and will cause permanent damage to the battery. In order to prevent damage, the battery should be recharged. A hydrometer can be used to determine the specific gravity and therefore the state of charge of a battery.

In winter conditions, the battery must be fully charged to prevent the possibility of. A fully charged battery will not freeze in temperatures above -75° F (-60° C). Although the chemical reaction is slowed in cold temperatures, the battery must be stored fully charged, and disconnected from any circuit that could discharge the battery. For PDS vehicles, the controller should be disconnected from the batteries by setting the Run-Tow/Maintenance switch, located under the passenger seat, to the 'TOW/MAINTENANCE' position.

For portable chargers, disconnect the charging plug from the vehicle receptacle. For on-board chargers, disconnect the charging harness from the batteries. The batteries must be cleaned and all deposits neutralised and removed from the battery case to prevent self-discharge.

The batteries should be tested or recharged at thirty day minimum intervals.