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Maintenance Centre

Petrol Golf Buggy Safety

Our vehicles are used for a variety of tasks beyond the original intended use of the vehicle; therefore, it is impossible to anticipate and warn against every possible combination of circumstances that may occur. No warnings can take the place of good common sense and prudent driving practices.

Good common sense and prudent driving practices do more to prevent accidents and injury than all of the warnings and instructions combined. The manufacturer strongly suggests that all users and maintenance personnel read the literature provided with your buggy paying particular attention to the CAUTIONS and WARNINGS contained therein.

If you have any questions regarding this vehicle, contact us via email Attention: Product Service Department.

MedLifestyle Ltd reserves the right to make design changes without obligation to make these changes on units previously sold and the information contained in the website is subject to change without notice.

MedLifestyle Ltd is not liable for errors in this website or literature or for incidental or consequential damages that result from the use of the material in this manual.

These vehicles are designed and manufactured for off-road use. They do not conform to DVLA standards and are not equipped for operation on public streets, unless you have purchased a Road Legal Buggy. Some communities may permit these vehicles to be operated on their streets on a limited basis and in accordance with local authorities. Refer to GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS for vehicle seating capacity.

Never modify the vehicle in any way that will alter the weight distribution of the vehicle, decrease its stability or increase the speed beyond the factory specification. Such modifications can cause serious personal injury or death. Modifications that increase the speed and/or weight of the vehicle will extend the stopping distance and may reduce the stability of the vehicle. Do not make any such modifications or changes. The manufacturer and supplier prohibits and disclaims responsibility for any such modifications or any other alteration which would adversely affect the safety of the vehicle.

Vehicles that are capable of higher speeds must limit their speed to no more than the speed of other vehicles when used in a golf course environment. Additionally, speed should be further moderated by the environmental conditions, terrain and common sense.