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Maintenance Centre

Petrol Golf Buggy Operating the Vehicle

Improper use of the vehicle or the lack of proper maintenance may result in damage or decreased performance.

Read and understand the following warnings before attempting to operate the vehicle.

To reduce the possibility of severe injury or death resulting from loss of vehicle control, the following warnings must be observed:

  • When driving vehicle, consider the terrain, traffic conditions and the environmental factors which effect the terrain and the ability to control the vehicle.
  • Use extra care and reduced speed when driving on poor surfaces, such as loose dirt, wet grass, gravel, etc.
  • Stay in designated areas and avoid extremely rough terrain.
  • Maintain a safe speed when driving down hill. Use service brake to control speed when traveling down an incline. A sudden stop or change of direction may result in loss of control.
  • Slow down before and during turns. All turns should be made at reduced speed.
  • Never drive vehicle up, down, or across an incline that exceeds 14° (25% grade).

To reduce the possibility of severe injury or death resulting from improper vehicle operation, the following warnings must be observed:

  • Depressing accelerator pedal will release foot operated park brake and may cause inadvertent vehicle movement. Turn the key to the ‘OFF’ position whenever the vehicle is parked.
  • To prevent inadvertent movement when the vehicle is to be left unattended, engage the park brake, move direction selector to forward position, turn key to ‘OFF’ position and remove key. Make sure that the direction selector is in correct position before attempting to start the vehicle.
  • Always bring the vehicle to a complete stop before shifting the direction selector.
  • Do not take vehicle out of ‘gear’ while in motion (coast).
  • Check the area behind the vehicle before operating in reverse.
  • All occupants must be seated. Keep entire body inside vehicle and hold on while vehicle is in motion.

To operate vehicle:

  • Apply the service brake, place the key in the key switch and turn it to the ‘ON’ position.
  • Move the direction selector to the direction desired.
  • Release the park brake by depressing the service brake pedal until the park brake releases.
  • Slowly depress the accelerator pedal to start the engine. Release service brake when engine starts.
  • When the accelerator pedal is released, the ignition circuit is de-energized and the engine stops. To stop the vehicle more quickly, depress the service brake pedal.