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Maintenance Centre

Petrol Golf Buggy Servicing Schedule

For manuals please see our manuals section where you can purchase a manual for your golf buggy.

Always refer to the manufacturers manual. To reduce the possibility of severe injury or death from improper servicing techniques:

  • Do not attempt any type of servicing operations before reading and understanding all notes, cautions and warnings in this manual.
  • Any servicing requiring adjustments to be made to the powertrain while the engine is running must be made with both drive wheels raised and vehicle properly supported on jack stands.
  • To reduce the possibility of engine damage, never operate vehicle at full throttle for more than 4 - 5 seconds while vehicle is in a ‘no load’ condition.
  • Wear eye protection when working on the vehicle. Use extra care when working around batteries, or using solvents or compressed air.
  • To reduce the possibility of causing an electrical arc, which could result in a battery explosion, turn off all electrical loads from the battery before removing battery wires.
  • Wrap wrenches with vinyl tape to reduce the possibility of a dropped wrench ‘shorting out’ a battery, which could result in an explosion.
  • Reduce the possibility of accidental starting by removing and grounding spark plug wires and disconnecting battery at negative terminal before servicing.
  • The electrolyte in a battery is an acid solution which can cause severe burns to the skin and eyes. Treat all electrolyte spills to the body and eyes with extended flushing with clear water. Contact a physician immediately.
  • Any electrolyte spills should be neutralised with a solution of 2 teaspoons (10 ml) sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) dissolved in 1 quart (1 litres) of water and flushed with water.
  • Aerosol containers of battery terminal protectant must be used with extreme care. Insulate metal container to reduce the possibility of can contacting battery terminals which could result in an explosion.

It is in the best interest of both vehicle owner and service technician, to carefully follow the procedures recommended in this manual. Preventative maintenance, applied at recommended intervals, is the best guarantee for keeping the vehicle both dependable and economical.

This vehicle will give years of satisfactory service, providing it receives regular maintenance. Refer to the Periodic Service Schedule for appropriate service intervals. Refer to Lubrication Points for appropriate lubrication locations.

CAUTION - To prolong vehicle life, some maintenance items must be serviced more frequently on vehicles used under severe driving conditions such as extreme temperatures, extreme dust/debris conditions, frequent use with maximum load.

To access powertrain for routine maintenance, lift or remove seat. For major repair, refer to appropriate Technician’s Repair and Service Manual.

Some service procedures may require the vehicle to be lifted. Refer to LIFTING THE VEHICLE for proper lifting procedure and safety information.

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