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Maintenance Centre

Electric Golf Buggy Battery Installation

Always wear the correct protective clothing when handling batteries.

Never replace one old battery with a new battery as a set of batteries are only as good as the worst battery in the set.

Ensure the buggy is switched off and in tow/maintenance mode.

Always replace batteries using a portable lifting device, these are available from The positioning of the batteries depends on the make and model of the golf buggy. Always ensure you have a manual or image at hand of the batteries set up before removal.

J-bolts are used to keep the batteries secure when in use, make sure they are in place before the batteries are lifted into location. The batteries will only work if they are fitted in the correct sequence. Ensure that the positive and negative terminals are located exactly as they were before removal. Refer to image taken as advised in battery removal. Put the rear batteries in first and then connect each terminal with clean leads and clean nuts. Do not over tighten the bolts on the battery terminals as the terminals are lead and the threads can be pulled out. Do ensure that the nuts are tight though as loose nuts will cause shorting and will lead to the post melting.

When all the batteries are in place, finally connect the charger and controller/ motor cables to the positive and negative terminals respectively. Check that all the connections are correct before testing buggy once you have checked the connections are correct, fit the J-bolts and battery hold downs into place to secure the batteries in place. Return the buggy to run mode and use the buggy.