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Mega Golf Buggies & Utility Vehicles

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If you need to rethink how you provide commercial vehicle success to your town, city or business spend a few minutes looking at the Mega Vehicle range and its versatility to meet your exacting 21st century requirements.

The Mega Multitruck and the E-Worker offer commercial vehicle solutions to town and city planners. Today customers buying commercial vehicles need to look for compact, easy to manoeuvre, environmentally efficient, low carbon footprint and economical solutions. Since 2002 MEGA Vehicles have consistently developed a versatile and diversified range of eco-friendly vehicles by utilising both 100 % electric and Low CO2 emission diesel engine technology in compact utility vehicles that satisfy these needs.

MEGA have always based their development on four guiding principles:

  • Knowledge:

    AIXAM-MEGA specialises in ultra-light vehicle design and manufacturing. And consequently have been the industry leader for over 25 years.
    This expertise in developing products which maximise weight and energy efficiency is essential if we are to control and minimise the release of CO2. Our MEGA products are constructed utilising the expertise available in our network of high-tech industrial plants, this enables a high degree of quality control during the manufacturing process, from the chassis to the final product.

  • A local service:

    MEGA is at the heart of the industry. With 60 dealers in Europe and 200 dealers in the United States we are consequently very close to our end user customers.

  • A wide range of products and flexibility:

    At MEGA we understand our customers and their market segments ; this allows us to develop the correct vehicle options for the differing market demands.
    Professionals : Local authorities or private service companies : The MEGA range as been developed specifically to provide solutions for the issues of waste collection, park and garden mainte┬Čnance or between site deliveries.
    Industry or secure sites (military bases, power plants, hospitals, universities etc) : we have developed in recent years a comprehensive range of services, which can include on-site maintenance of vehicle fleets, if necessary.
    Local trade : Short distance, multi-drop delivery services, or food distribution operations.
    Custom applications : The vehicle also lends itself exceeding well to a vast range of specialist body designs and adaptation's.

  • A high capacity for innovation:

    2010 : MEGA innovates again by introducing high-tech lithium batteries for part of its range.
    MEGA takes advantage of the excellent versatility of Multitruck to present a special version for mail distribution.