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Buggies For Golf Courses - My Golf Buggy

Tuesday, 15th July 2014

My Golf Buggy sells buggies to many different establishments from aiports to holiday resorts, for transporting people and carry luggage, or even utility buggies for maintenance men. However some people do buy them to play golf.

One of the main reasons for purchasing a golf buggy is for assisted mobility around the golf course, with many seasoned golfers purchasing vehicles with the intention of it allowing them to play the game for many more seasons.

If your one of those people that are thinking of buying a buggy there is a few things you need to concider first.

  1. Golf Course Buggy Usage Policies; If your not allowed one on your golf course dont buy one!
  2. Whats your budget?; A buggy can be anything from £1,200 to £16,000
  3. Petrol or Electric; Completely dependant on your golf course, general rule, hilly course = petrol buggy
  4. Which make should i have?; Doesn't matter for golf courses.

You can find more indepth answers to these questions in our FAQs section.

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