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10 Great Tips - My Golf Buggy

Tuesday, 3rd June 2014

So we all love the competition of golf and it is sometimes more than our ability which contributes to whether we win or not. If you are the competitive type like me especially when it comes to the leisurely round with your close friends then following these 10 simple rules will help you win.

  1. Be good at golf
  2. Have mates who are bad at golf
  3. Convince your mates that you are bad at golf
  4. Go get some lessons while they're not looking
  5. Take your time with your shots this will annoy them and they will rush their shots in an attempt to prove a point,Don't get annoyed when they take forever on their shot - dont rush yours to prove a point
  6. Keep Calm
  7. Dont 4 putt after you've reached the green in regulation
  8. When they ask what club you just used on your approach add 2 or subtracted 1
  9. And finally of course... buy a golf buggy then you wont be so tired on the back 9.
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